Snoop 411 was founded to bring readers the 411 on all things job- and freelance-related on the internet.

We help uncover real working opportunities as well as scams to avoid.

How do we review many of these online work opportunities?

One of our team members will sign up with the company in question and go through the working process without disclosing that they are doing this as part of the Snoop 411 evaluation process so as to ensure that their experience reflects that of the average person as closely as possible.

We do not want any special treatment if a company were to know that we are evaluating their work opportunity as a part of the Snoop 411 review process.

Everyone’s experience may vary so what we say about a job on this site might not reflect the same experience that you or others may have had or will have with said opportunity.

We ask that you please keep this in mind when navigating our website.